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Irish Folk Medicine

Published: March 2009

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 140 2

Author: Dr Patrick Logan

208 x 134mm/ 180pp/
Paperback £8.99, 11.95

irish Folk Medicine

Folk medicine was long practised in Ireland and has still not completely died out. The great mass of the population had no access to a doctor, for many the local wise woman or bonesetter was the only hope. But folk medicine, particularly before the rise of medical science in the nineteenth century, was always a curious blend of common sense and nonsense. Practical observation, and natural cures, went hand in hand with useless and often dangerous remedies.

Dr Patrick Logan traces a comprehensive range of country cures, both for people and animals, practised in Ireland throughout the centuries. Some go back to early or pre-Christian times and beliefs while others are more recent. The entire book is a striking testimony to human ingenuity, optimism and endurance.

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