Appletree Press: Floor Display Stand

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 813 5


Appletree Press: Floor Display Stand (A6 capacity)

Why not take advantage of our new compact floor stand which holds up to three hundred units and is an ideal size to hold all your book requirements in one place.

The stand holds two different formats, exemplified by the following formats:
Little Irish Cookbook (A6/HB)
Irish First Names Pocket Guide (A6/PB)

With an ever-increasing selection available in our New Pocket Guide series, this stand makes displaying and offering your customers the range much simpler.

ISBN: 978 1 84758 094 8
Wire Gift and Guide Floorstand A6

Our representatives and agents will always be glad to discuss aspects of display and merchandising with you.
{There’s “No Charge” for stands when ordered with stock to fill}

Please refer to the Appletree Press Order Form PDF for further details of current titles.

Also available, Appletree Press: Floor Display Stand (A5 & A6 capacity)

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