The Bumper Scottish Joke Book

Author: Terry Adlam

ISBN-10: 0862819873

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 987 3

129 x 198mm / 192 pp / Paperback

£ 4.99



The Bumper Scottish Joke Book

The Bumper Scottish Joke Book is a fun-filled collection of over 400 jokes about and by the finest kilt-wearing, haggis-loving and bagpipe-playing race in the world! So Sassenachs look out - the Scots are about to make you laugh!

'What's the matter, Jock?' asked Willie when he saw his pal looking very disheartened.
          'Och, Willie. It's me kilt.'
          'What's wrong with it?' asked Willie.
          ' Well, I've just washed it and now I can't do a fling with it!'

What do you call a Scottish bank-robber?
          Rab D. Bank!

A Scotsman walked into his local fishmonger's in Arbroath and said,
          'I'd like a pair of Arbroath Smokies for the wife, please.'
          'I'm sorry Sir, I dinnae have a pair left,' said the fishmonger.
          'Och well, give me odd ones. She'll never notice!'

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