A Drama in Muslin - paperback edition cover

Author: George Moore

ISBN-10: 0862819199

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 919 4

224 x 143mm/ 266 pp / Paperback

£ 7.50



A Drama in Muslin

A work of quite remarkable range, George Moore's first Irish novel is at once a deeply felt response to the tragic situation of the women of Anglo-Ireland and an exposure of an entire society and the system which underpins it. The 'muslin martyrs' of the novel are the numerous unmarried daughters of the Anglo-Irish gentry, and Moore, with a characteristic blend of sympathetic insight and almost feline delight, depicts these women at their husband-hunting activities, both in the rural Big House settings and during the festive events of the Dublin "season" to which the debutantes flocked.

Rich in language, A Drama in Muslin constantly delights with its satirical effects and vivid period detail. Moore excelled at large set-piece scenes and so we encounter stately Dublin drawing-rooms and a lively 'Spinsters' Ball' at Ballinasloe. His perfect depiction of the last days of life in the 'Big House' and the new order is encapsulated in his heroine's story of escape from privileged but stifling Ascendancy Ireland to life as a doctor's wife in London.

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