Never Throw Stones At Your Mother - Irish Insults and Curses

Author: David Ross

ISBN-10: 086281779x

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 779 4

177 x 125mm / 128 pp / Paperback

£ 2.99



Never Throw Stones At Your Mother - Irish Insults and Curses

"Tell her Ladyship, Hell or Holyhead!"
"A mean, miserable, beggarly town. And since they got the sugar factory there's no standing them"
"What a site! What an opportunity! Alas!"
"D'you mean we're getting food with our meals today?"

Are the Irish the world's champion insulters? Few nations could assemble such a variety of leathal weapoons of word and wit as are presented in theis collection . From the earliest days, when strong warriors trembled before the satirical bard, the art of insult has been employed in Ireland with devastating effect. And the tradition shows no sign of weakening. The wit and humour that give a good insult its edge live on long after the cause is forgotten. Gathered here, they provide a feast of entertainmenet, a considerable insight into the Irish character, and an excellent source of inspiration if you can't think of one yourselft.

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