Country Cooking - Jenny Bristow

Author: Jenny Bristow

ISBN-10: 0862816459

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 645 2

231 x 156mm / 144 pp / Paperback

£ 7.99


Country Cooking - Jenny Bristow

Jenny Bristow's gift is to create recipes that turn everyday home cooking into something special. In this collection, she brings a touch of abroad - even of the exotic - into the mixing bowl and shows how easy it can be to produce wholesome, healthy meals with a foreign flavour. Country Cooking finds its inspiration in the traditional country cooking of many different lands, from France to America, and Italy to India. In it you can find a wonderful pizza - made with soda bread. Or a prawn and coconut curry that brings the Caribbean to your table, or how to make your own Chinese Soup, or what to put in a Portuguese sardine sandwich. Starters, main dishes, desserts and snacks are all included. Whether you're feeding just yourself or a hungry family, Country Cooking's practical, user-friendly approach gives a new and exciting slant to your home cooking.

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