A Little Book of Welsh Proverbs

Author: Tegwyn Jones

ISBN-10: 0862816246

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 624 7

156 x 110mm / 60 pp / Hardback

£ 4.99



A Little Book of Welsh Proverbs

Proverbs give a special insight into the minds of our forebears. The Welsh proverb has a pithiness and force of its own, created partly by the structrure of the language, and partly by the nature of early Welsh society. A land of farmers and hunters, where wealth was counted in corn and cows, and there was time for fighting as well as for making verses, is likely to be a rich source of proverbs. The reader may judge from this selection, which gives both the Welsh proverb and the English translation, in a delightful gift-book format.

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