A Little Japanese Cookbook

Author: Emi Kazuko

ISBN-10: 0862812909

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 290 4

156 x 110mm / 60 pp / Hardback

£ 4.99



A Little Japanese Cookbook

Simpler cooking styles and natural ingredients contribute to the increasing popularity of Japanese food. And anyojne who has eaten a Japanese meal knows that it is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. This little book brings to its audience recipes that show how Japanese food is prepared at home and how easily it can be done. Delicious soups such as Miso, salads such as Sunomono, the wonderful fish starter Sashimi, and the beef dish Sukiyaki are just a few recipes that pay tribute to the Japanese philosophy of cooking - use the freshest of ingredients and do not overcook.

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