A Little Chinese Cookbook

Author: Terry Tan

ISBN-10: 0862812534

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 253 9

156 x 110mm / 60 pp / Hardback

£ 4.99



A Little Chinese Cookbook

A careful balance of opposite elements - light and dark, soft and crunchy, sweet and sour - gives Chinese food its delicious tastes and textures, the result of centuries of culinary evolution.A Little Chinese Cookbook incorporates dishes from Peking, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton, the four major regions in China, and includes a wide selection of soups, starters and snacks such as Egg Drop Mushroom Soup, Shrimp Fu Yong, Sichuan Spare Ribs, as well as main courses such as Peking Duck, Sweet and Sour Pork and Soy Braised Chicken.

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