Traditional Irish Recipes

Author: John Murphy

ISBN-10: 0862811147

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 114 3

210 x 148mm / 80 pp / Paperback

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Traditional Irish Recipes

"How old does a recipe have to be before it is traditional? By any standards all in this book are old enough - with perhaps the exception of Irish Coffee - and all it needs is time. Many were collected from friends and relations of the author, who in the nature of things had them from their mothers and they from their mothers before them. Others were recorded in dusty volumes such as 'The Compleat Confectioner, or the Whole Art of Confectionery Made Plain & Easy' (Glasse, Dublin 1742) or 'The Lady's Assistant for Regulating and Supplying her Table' (Charlotte Mason, Dublin 1778). The recipes themselves cover the country with Yellowman from Ballycastle in the North to Drisheen from Cork, taking in on the way Grunt Soup from the southern shores of Lough Neagh and Gur Cake and Coddle from Dublin. Each recipe has been hand-scribed by Margaret Batt."

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