Boys & Girls Come Out to Play

Author: Maurice Leyden

ISBN-10: 184758 096 3

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 096 2

240 x 172mm / 152 pp / Paperback

£9.99 / 12.95


Boys & Girls Come Out to Play - Irish Singing Games

Songs and games are an integral part of childhood. Oranges and Lemons, Dusty Bluebells, Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake: their lyrics are peppered with the rhymes and rhythms of poetry, while their melodies are instantly appealing and memorable.
Yet for all their apparent simplicity, these songs and games perform many useful functions. They not only introduce children to love, courtship, marriage, illness and death, they also teach them to sing and dance, and to count and recite the alphabet. Skipping, ball and clapping games develop memory, dexterity and coordination, even leadership qualities!

Each song in this comprehensive collection is accompanied by an introduction, music notation and detailed instruction. At a time when the 'street playground' is overrun with motor cars and the electronic age is beckoning children indoors, Boys and Girls Come Out To Play presents a timely record of this important element of our cultural heritage and will also be welcomed as sheer entertainment by children and adults alike.

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