Lawrie Sanchez - The Northern Ireland Years

ISBN-10: 1 84758 061 0
ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 061 0

Author: Heather Jan Brunt
255 x 255mm / 168 pp/ Hardback

£ 17.99


Lawrie Sanchez - The Northern Ireland Years

Lawrie Sanchez is one of Northern Irelandís most successful managers ever, and the man who turned around the fortunes of the Northern Ireland football team from that of underdogs with nothing to lose to that of the team to watch during the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

It is safe to say that the team he helped forge has become one of the talking points of the qualifying matches. Famously tight-lipped where the media is concerned, Lawrie remains one of the most enigmatic figures in football management today.

Heather Jan Brunt worked closely with Lawrie Sanchez during his time at Northern Ireland and continues to work with him today. She has had unique access to Lawrie Sanchez and many of the Northern Ireland squad, the press, fans and the IFA, to make this book truly an account of life within the NI squad.

" enjoyable romp through one of the most successful periods in the history of Northern Ireland football."
Belfast News Letter newspaper, book review (17 November 2007)

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