An Irish Country Kitchen - pocket guide

Author: Mary Kinsella

ISBN-10: 1 84758 019 X

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 019 1

210 x 148mm / 256 pp / Paperback

£ 8.99



An Irish Country Kitchen - Pocket Guide

The staple Irish cookbook has been completed revamped and re-presented to provide not only a wide-ranging introduction to traditional Irish cookery and a lovely pictorial memento of Ireland. The recipes range from everyday favourites such as cooked breakfasts, champ, Guinness stew and more luxurious recipes such as Creamed lobster, Galloping Horseshoes, Salmon Steaks, and more adventurous fare such as Poitin Cake, Stuffed Lamb's Heart, Dressed Eel.

Recipes include information on serving numbers, preparation time, cooking times giving all the guidance you will need to produce perfect results every time. Over 100 photographs.

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