Irish Pub Songs

Author: Traditional pub songs

ISBN-10: 086281 015 9

ISBN-13: 978 086281 015 3

196 x 92mm / 72 pp / Paperback

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Irish Pub Songs

This compact selection of over 50 well-known Irish songs ranges from drinking and love songs to humorous songs and songs of place. Each is fully notated with music and chord symbols.

Among those included are 'As I Roved Out', 'The Boys of Killybegs', 'Carrickfergus', 'The Curragh of Kildare', 'The Galway Shawl', 'I'll Tell My Ma', 'The Jolly Beggar', 'Slieve Gallion Braes', 'The Waxies' Dargle' and 'Whiskey in the Jar'.

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